Our Mission

We want to share our experiences and knowledge on all Create School issues e.g.:

    • upcoming or past events ⇒ write an article in the event category
    • organisational issues ⇒ you may ask questions that will be answered by the school’s management and published in the FAQ category
    • the “Cambridge Pathway” / the Cambidge syllabus (Lehrplan) ⇒ you may share your experience on what is required for what future profession or education
    • in the Parents-to-Parents category we share experiences and information about challenges we are facing ⇒ e.g. what support for your kids is really required or we may organise lifts (Mitfahrgelegenheiten) for the kids ⇒ do you know the other kids destination?

Please use the capabilities of the blog and share your information by creating articles via the available forms – in English or German, that’s up to you.
You may add questions, links, articles, photographs (make sure that it is ok for all persons on the photograph) or anything else that might help others.
Do not hesitate to ask me for further support!

I strongly believe, that many questions can be answered if the Create-parents share their knowledge with each other.